LAFS Impact Report Celebrates YOU!

     LAFS First Ever Impact Report
Photo by Elaine Casap via Unsplash

It’s a big “THANK YOU” card to our community, and a little bit of bragging too! You’ll find plenty of accomplishments in Lakes Area Food Shelf’s first ever Impact Report published June 12. The report highlights the challenges faced by LAFS in 2022 and 2023. More importantly, it celebrates our community for overcoming them.

“On behalf of the thousands of neighbors we served last year, we thank each of you for helping us build a strong community. For actively participating in helping those who struggle. For leading our communities with your concern and compassion. For reaching out to help our local families,” said LAFS Director, Kathy Adams. “Every gift to Lakes Area Food Shelf has a purpose that benefits our neighbors, including food, clothing, and monetary donations. Throughout 2022 and on into 2023, you made and will continue to make Lakes Area Food Shelf stronger.”

The 12-page booklet was mailed to LAFS donors and volunteers in early June. You can also read it here.

Inside, is a list of five major challenges faced and overcome by the strength of community support for LAFS. The Impact Report also provides an accounting of LAFS’ finances and explanations of key operations.

“Through the generous and at times overwhelming support of our community, we have been able to generate substantial improvements in addressing hunger locally,” said LAFS Board Chairperson, Tim Moore. “I cannot be more thankful to be a part of this incredible community asset. Thank you all!”